Chevelle are back with their sixth studio album ‘Hats Off to the Bull’ and it is an impressive collection of hard-hitting anthems and melodic tracks. 

The album starts off with the forceful single ‘Face to the Floor,’ a tune that has been described by the band as an "angry song about people who got taken by the Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff had for all those years." The track has already resonated loudly with rock fans, as it sits atop the current active rock airplay chart.

‘Ruse’ is one of the most impressive tracks on the album, with rumbling riffs and versatile melodies, as frontman Pete Loeffler shows off his wide vocal range that can go from a whisper to a unyielding yell.

Following ‘Ruse’ is the very appealing song ‘The Meddler,’ featuring an extremely infectious chorus: 'Well, I don't belong here / Don't fit your style / Felt your left foot / Now meet my right.' It's no wonder that drummer Sam Loeffler told us that it is strongly being considered as the next single off the album.

‘Piñata’ takes the listener into a chaotic spiral with its up tempo guitar riffs. On the other end of the spectrum, ‘Envy’ switches up the tempo of the album by slowing it down without losing its edge. It’s a surprising track with an intense build-up and smooth bass lines.

Another standout track is the tune 'Prima Donna.' Although it's driven by acoustic guitars and softer vocals by Pete Loeffler, it still manages to keep a haunting feel that fits in with the fury shown in the rest of the album.

Overall, 'Hats Off to the Bull' is a solid release filled with heavy riffs, intriguing vocal layers and crashing drum patterns that show Chevelle's maturity as a band while maintaining the progressive sound that their fans have embraced over the past decade.

4 Stars

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