It's been almost one year since we last heard from the comedic YouTube series 'Cooking Hostile' from animator Joey Siler. Since the last episode, he's created other heavy metal spoof videos, including 'Becoming Black Metal.' The latest video celebrates the return of the aforementioned Philip Anselmo-based series, parodying songs and giving cooking lessons. This time Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and Wes Borland attempt to teach everyone how to bake, but Anselmo has other plans!

This 'Cooking Hostile' episode is considerably shorter than previous installments, but is just as hilarious as the rest. Anselmo rolls up to the Kooking Hostyle Studios where the two Limp Bizkit members get busy inside in the kitchen with a parody of their hit single, "Break Stuff." One of the lyrics takes on the song's verse, stating, "To make the dough I crack an egg raw / I watch the chips fall / and if I get done mixing this dough I just might / bake something tonight / I'm rollin' dough balls / with chocolate chips y'all / if I get done baking these cookies I might / bake a f--king cake tonight!"

As expected, the chorus comes in as the cartoon Durst yells, "Give me something to bake!" Anselmo enters the scene embodying the bridge of the song and packing a chainsaw (what?) as he slices off the singer's face. He climbs back into his car outside and heads out before the studio explodes.

Since Cooking Hostile's absence, we have seen other forms of song parodies set to cooking instructions. YouTuber Linzey Rae has made her own parodies, making shepherd's pie along to the Ghost Inside and spaghetti and meatballs to the tune of Atreyu.

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