Corey Taylor's solo album, CMFT, is rock 'n' roll rager and the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer had some of the most fun of his life making it. He and his solo band also tracked a number of cover songs and they've just debuted their version of Motorhead's classic "Ace of Spades."

Lemmy Kilmister's raucous ode to gambling is an ideal fit for Taylor, who currently lives in Las Vegas and Taylor's rendition came as part of a performance on WWE's NXT program. Adopting an British accent, the singer introduced the song, stating, "We've been picked right, to play on NXT tonight!"

There's no surprises here and the band lays down a faithful recreation of Motorhead's hallowed original (any deviation would've been heresy), which was first released as a single on Oct. 27, 1980. The only key difference here is that Taylor doesn't quite reach the Lem's gravely timbre, but his gritty clean singing works perfectly over this speedy blues rock bruiser.

Triple H, WWE icon and NXT Executive Producer, shared the video clip of Taylor's cover while also announcing that the singer's solo song "Culture Head" has been selected as the latest theme song for the next NXT Takeover special.

Watch Corey Taylor cover Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" directly below.

Today (Oct. 2) is the release of Corey Taylor's first-ever solo album, CMFT, which was preceded by the release of four original songs: "CMFT Must Be Stopped," "Black Eyes Blue," "HWY 666" and "Culture Head."

Taylor will also be performing a record release livestream show, 'Forum Or Against 'Em,' at The Forum arena in Los Angeles. It will be a fully-produced show and more information can be found here.

Meanwhile, the 40th anniversary edition box set of the Ace of Spades album will come out on Oct. 30. The set even transforms into a usable gambling table.

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