Aww, snap! Cradle of Filth threw a little shade at Kanye West after the rapper was photographed wearing one of the extreme metal band’s shirts. In a new Facebook post, Cradle wrote, “Kanye West. Cradle of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator.”

One of the latest trends in the world of pop culture is for rappers, pop stars and other celebrities to wear metal shirts and gear covered in band logos. For every Lady Gaga out there, who actually adores metal acts like Iron Maiden, there’s about a dozen Kim Kardashians draping themselves in a Metallica tee. A few years back, Chris Brown wore a leather studded jacket covered in thrash and hardcore logos, rubbing metalheads the wrong way, including Municipal Waste.

Cradle of Filth slammed Kanye for his choice of shirt here:

The shirt Kayne wore is actually pretty edgy, especially for a religious man like himself. The shirt categorized as "F--k Your God" by Cradle of Filth showcases an all-girl threesome featuring two nuns (one holding a crucifix) above a topless woman. A Google search will show the print on the back of the shirt, which reads “F—k Your God” in giant letters.

Metal Scrap
Metal Scrap

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has found himself under attack from metal musicians. In late 2016, guitar legend Alex Skolnick wrote a lengthy post after Kanye was photographed wearing a Testament shirt.

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