Update: With the posting of a lyric visualizer for "Minerva" on Spotify and an Instagram story for "Street Carp," the first letters of each title have spelled out the word 'Ohms," which is believed to be the title for the band's next record. An official announcement has yet to be made concerning the next album, though the early website hints allude to a potential Sept. 25 street date.

Update 2: Deftones continued their teases today (Aug. 19), tweeting out longitudinal coordinates. The coordinates reportedly led to a billboard in Los Angeles showcasing what appears to be the band's new artwork for their 'Ohms' album. The billboard includes the message: This is our time, we devour the days ahead 9-25-20.

Deftones are employing some cryptic teasers online in what fans have speculated points to an upcoming release from the California rockers. But has the band begun eking out a new album title in its latest messages?

The process started on Sunday (Aug. 16) with a "blackout" across the group's official website and social media outposts. At the time, astute observers noticed the destination to which Deftones' site currently forwards — merely a simple email signup page on its face — contains the numerals "0925" in its URL. Some posited that it could indicate a Sept. 25 release date for Deftones' follow-up to 2016's Gore.

Since then, the band has posted a pair of videos that each contain Deftones lyrics from past albums. Early in the week, a line from "One Weak" ("No, you will never find me") appeared in a Twitter clip from the act. But it's what else is in the video that had listeners putting on their detective caps.

A blinking blip of static in the lo-fi-looking clip could be a morse code message, fans began saying on Reddit, as ThePRP pointed out. A clip that followed on Monday (Aug. 17) only solidified that theory. The Facebook vid featured lyrics from Deftones' "Hexagram" ("If you keep listening, you can hear it for miles").

If the amateur decoding is correct, the two morse code signals have relayed the letters "O" and "H." Those could be the first two letters of Deftones' forthcoming album title, the listeners have theorized.

Further, numerous Deftones songs across Spotify now include moving imagery containing song lyrics. They line up with the purposefully crude look of the two recent clips from the band's social media.

As another Reddit thread advanced, a recent Instagram chat with Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno purportedly saw the musician mentioning a title for the group's upcoming effort. He reportedly called it "Ohms."

Whatever the album is titled, Deftones' upcoming release finds them reuniting with White Pony producer Terry Date. The record was in the can by June of this year. Around that time, Moreno promised a release for 2020.

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