DJ Lethal's days with Limp Bizkit have apparently come to an end, and this is one parting that will not go down as "amicable."

On his way out, Lethal took to Twitter to let loose with a rant about his former bandmates, who have headed off to Europe to play shows with Franko Carino filling his spot. The DJ stated, "I'm nobody's DJ. I am me. I'm no kiss ass. I would rather die than be a slave!! Respect that!! I respect that, but it's not a democracy. Don't believe the hype. It's one man. The rest follow like sellout money-hungry slaves."

Seemingly singling out Fred Durst for his dismissal from the group, Lethal continued tweeting, "Personally I've been degraded and disrespected big time. It's personal now. I tried to lay low, but the MAN with self-respect and dignity could hold back!! Call it childish or immature. Through thknthn. I'm really sorry mostly to the fans because one man is a tyrant control freak. #Napoleon!!"

Digging deeper into Durst, the DJ added, "I live for fans, he lives for himself TRUTH. That's where the problem is. I've been berated, made to look like a drug addict. Truth is I stood up for myself. Truth is I stood up to Fred. Simple. He's a tyrant slave driver. I'm saying way too much, but respect the truth. After the disrespect there's no going back. I would rather beg for bread than kiss ass!!!!!! Drugs?!??? We all know who had the 'drug' problem. The problem was I had a fight with Fred and let him know my feelings. #Truth. So I'll never be welcome back."

Settling down a bit, Lethal went on to state that it was never his intent to hurt the fans, and that he actually wishes his other bandmates well. But he concludes that he would never follow Durst and now there's no going back. The DJ also states that his attempts to reach out to Durst via text went unreturned and that he feels the singer's "ego is too big" to work things out.

As for Durst, he's remained silent on the internal strife within the group. Guitarist Wes Borland stated in April that the band members were trying to work things out behind the scenes when Lethal offered his first public airing of the band's dirty laundry. At the time, Lethal stated that both he and drummer John Otto were being left out of the band's plans. But Otto has since worked things out and recently returned to the studio to lay down beats for the band's next album, which will be released via Cash Money Records.

Check out video of Limp Bizkit's performance at Rock in Rio Lisbon with Franko Carino, aka DJ Skelator, taking over Lethal's spot:

Watch Limp Bizkit Perform at Rock in Rio Lisbon

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