One good Twitter torrent deserves another!

After Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland hit Twitter to rant about ousted member DJ Lethal, the DJ used the same means to air more dirty laundry and offer his side of the story in a lengthy series of tweets. He unleashed hardcore about Borland, who quit the band, and about how frontman Fred Durst takes all of the credit and steals all of the money from other members. Lethal really held nothing back on his feed, issuing a trail of tweets.

Some of his choice statements are below. Clearly he felt the need to vent, especially about how he never missed a gig and remained loyal.

In one tweet, he says he is over it, but judging from the volume of tweeting, that doesn't appear to be the case. He posted: "I actually am so over it. It’s not funny. Good luck. I wish you guys the best. In life never sacrifice your dignity for a $. I was successful before lb and will continue to live my life on my terms. Thanks all the fans! Truth hurts. Wes quit how many times? When I had 10 guys sleeping in my living room and begged the band to bring Wes back."

He also shares that he was booted and no one ever spoke to him, man to man. He wrote: "Also they never even had the courtesy to sit down face to face and talk things out. And after 17 years of being me there’s a problem? I never missed one show,was there through thick and thin. Gave my heart and soul to the band. I’m just man enough to stand up for myself. Don’t get it twisted the truth will prevail!! I’m just intrigued how some people can just disown family. Lots more to the story my friends."

As for Durst? He wrote: "How can people expect me to life my life waiting on Fred Durst? He takes all the credit. Steals money. I made 'why try' and 'bring it back.' Thank you for all the people that supported me on lb. at one time it was a band. We were team. Then it became the Fred first show. And since the guys were running low on money Wes told me to hold on my feelings so he can pay his mortgage. So sad."

He also gave props to the fans, writing: "I do appreciate all the good times and there was many. I love my friends and fans and owe my life to you. Thank you to my real friends-YOU Last comment. Fake friends suck. We been through so much and I was genuine. Whole new meaning to 'counterfeit' You should be ashamed."

What a total mess! It doesn't appear that this will get ironed out any time soon.

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