Welcome to another episode of Loudwire’s signature animated series, Epic Rock Tales! In this recollection, Dropkick MurphysKen Casey and Al Barr talk about the time Al missed a show because he was “busy” in France’s Red Light District.

Dropkick Murphys have been touring the world for 20 years, and as any band will tell you, things rarely run smoothly on the road. 1998 was Al Barr’s first year as Dropkick Murphy’s singer, having just been recruited by the Boston natives. Supporting Agnostic Front on tour, the Murphys found themselves in France playing a bar with about five people in it. It wouldn’t have been the most memorable of shows, except for the fact that Barr didn’t show up.

After a couple of songs with no singer and zero response from the crowd, Dropkick Murphys simply unplugged their instruments and called it quits. Eventually, Al Barr came wandering into the venue, completely unaware he had missed showtime.

So how did Barr lose track of time? He was busy “taking care of himself” in France’s Red Light District. Missing his lady back home, Barr helped himself to a peep booth, gazing at some of France’s loveliest women while easing some of his physical stress.

Don’t believe us? Check out Casey and Barr’s telling of the story in the Epic Rock Tale above! Stay tuned for more Epic Rock Tales each Tuesday!

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