Music is a universal language, bringing together all sorts of different races, religions and species! Whether animals are stage crashing live shows or getting in on the performance, here are some epic music moments caught on tape.

Out of all the four-legged friends, the famous “grind goat” will always be our favorite. At an underground Wormrot gig, a local goat made an unexpected appearance in the pit, staying to watch the Singaporean grindcore merchants perform a brutal set. Of course, the crowd made sure the goat was safe in the pit and Wormrot’s vocalist even gave him a few pets.

Did you know sharks are metalheads? Besides being the ocean’s most brutal apex predator, great white sharks are attracted to low-frequency vibrations. According to experts, metal can act like a dinner bell when played in the ocean via a military-grade underwater speaker. When tested, researchers were able to lure sharks to the speaker by blasting Darkest Hour. Epic!

Did you know Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has a singing pup? In a video taken by the pop-punk legend, Armstrong plays piano while sitting next to his dog, Rocky, who can’t help but howl along as Armstrong tickles the ivories. Apparently, a love of music runs in the family.

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Epic Music Moments With Animals

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