As the Oct. 11 release date of Evanescence's self-titled album comes closer and closer, the band appears to be premiering new tracks left and right. is hosting a stream of the latest song released from the disc is titled 'The Other Side' (click on the link below to listen) and the track is complete with frontwoman Amy Lee's signature soaring vocals. Lee says, "This whole record and the lyrical content ... is about falling back in love with this thing, with Evanescence, with what I've obsessed over for a decade, longer than that."

Evanescence fans are surely getting their fix of new music from the band, especially with the unveiling of the video of the album's first single, 'What You Want,' a week ago and the premiere of another new tune, 'Made of Stone.'

For now, Evanescence fans can play these three songs on loop for the next couple of weeks until the self-titled album drops. Who knows? At the rate the band is unleashing music from the disc, there may be a couple of more songs released before then.