"This'll be the last song that I ever sing / About a person that I'd rather not name," sings Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke at the top of the band's new song "F--k You and All Your Friends," and that sets the tone for what's about to be unleashed in the band's new video.

The singer, sporting a swastika jacket with the emblem crossed out, is leading his band through an electrifying performance of the track while moshers aplenty wreak havoc on their chosen venues of a punk club, a vacant swimming pool and a house party. Radke looks a little worse for wear, with black eyes and a bandaged cut to his forehead, but it fits the mood of the song which is about someone coming out of a battle-scarred relationship and feeling the desire to move on.

The Ethan Lader-directed clip is pulsating with energy, as the camera shooting the clip shakes along to the momentum of the track. And as incendiary as the lyrical content may be, the video likewise turns fiery with the house party literally catching fire as fisticuffs break out. Watch the video in full above.

"F--k You and All Your Friends" appears on Falling in Reverse's Coming Home album, which has already yielded such standouts as the title track and "Superhero." Falling in Reverse will finish out the year with a handful of December radio festival dates before kicking off 2017 on the road in Europe. See all of their scheduled stops here.

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