For those who've been waiting for the follow-up to Falling in Reverse's 'Fashionably Late' album, it appears that the band is well on their way. That's because the group just released a new single called 'God, If You Are Above…'

The track, a full-on rocker with some wicked guitar licks, definitely comes from a personal place for the band. Ronnie Radke opens by belting the soul-baring lines, "God cannot save my soul / It's straight to hell for me I know / I when I get there / At least I found a place to call my home." The frontman goes on to question God with his fear that the whole world may one day disappear, before pondering that if it does, will he have lived his life the way that he should.

Falling in Reverse are reportedly working on an as-yet-untitled new album that's expected to drop in 2015. If you like what you hear from 'God, If You Are Above ...,' the single is currently available at iTunes and Google Play.

Falling in Reverse are also staring to reveal some of their 2015 tour dates. Check here to see where they will be playing.