It’s a story that has been brewing on social media for a few days and the legal system is now involved. Last week, a 25-year-old Salt Lake City resident accused Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke and a bodyguard for the band of group sexual assault after the band’s June 3 performance in Murray, Utah. According to the New York Daily News, the 25-year-old woman went to the hospital after the attack and filed a police report there. Now, Radke has filed a civil lawsuit against the woman in question over her accusations.

While the accuser's name has been publicized on social media, we will refer to her as "Defendant Boswell," as she is listed in Radke's legal filings. Defendant Boswell has made public statements on her Facebook page and in an interview with the New York Daily News accusing Radke of sexual assault. On June 5, the defendant told her followers that she had “bruises all over my body and a three inch contusion on my jaw and torn throat ligaments from fighting back.”

According to the lawsuit filed by Radke, he is denying those claims and wants monetary compensation for the damage her statements have done to his reputation. Alternative Press published some of the text from the complaint: “The gist or sting of the Defamatory Statements is that Radke is a rapist, an alleged rapist and/or someone who condones rape by members of his entourage and that Radke has been arrested and has posted bailed [sic] for a violent sexual crime.”

The complaint continues: "Ronald Radke has been exonerated as fully as can occur in less than one week: The police swabbed the tour bus and the car and found no evidence of a rape. The police have taken no action against Radke. The police did not arrest Radke. The prosecutor has not charged Radke. Radke was not required to post bail. No restrictions have been placed on Radke’s movements."

Radke does admit having a previous "casual intimate relationship" with the accuser, and says that he was in a vehicle with her during the night in question. The legal complaint reads, "“Radke decided that Boswell was seriously intoxicated or otherwise debilitated in some manner. Radke told Boswell that, instead of going to [the local bar] The Woodshed, Radke wanted the car to take Boswell either to a hospital or to her home. Boswell refused to go to a hospital, instead providing the name of an intersection as the location where she wanted to go.”

A passerby who was contacted by Alternative Press told the outlet, “I witnessed the three gentlemen leaving her on the side of the road extremely disoriented and intoxicated. I had stated there was a brief altercation [heated discussion] prior to the police arriving. I did believe Ronnie’s story and allowed them to leave the scene before the police arrived.”

According to Defendant Boswell, she has been receiving death threats, insults and interview requests since her allegations. On her public Facebook account, the 25-year-old has been retweeting some of the messages she has been getting from angered fans, “Being told my photos make me look like I deserve it or was asking for it. Being told I'm too ugly to be attacked. I haven't decided where yet but I'm going to stay somewhere safe for awhile and keep working with the police.” Alternative Press reports that there has been no official statement from the Murray City Police Department about the investigation or if it is in fact ongoing.

Radke has previously been charged with domestic abuse, but those charges were dropped in 2014.  The frontman was accused of abuse in 2012 after a former girlfriend told police the singer physically assaulted her. During a May 14, 2014 court appearance Radke pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace, and the domestic violence charge was dropped.

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