As TV fans await the second season of the hit series Stranger Things, Falling in Reverse are keeping the buzz alive. They've just released a new music video portraying the group of kids who are primarily featured on the program with an engaging narrative that plays out across "Superhero."

Before the song starts, we're treated to a conversation between the kids who communicate from their respective homes with walkie talkies, just like in the show. One boy explains his dad's drinking issues, noting that his father becomes increasingly angry the more he imbibes. An ugly scene plays out at home as the husband and wife get into an argument and the young boy flees on his bike.

Others from the group are bullied, with one girl getting ganged up on by a clique as they shove her down and dump milk over her head. Meanwhile, a youngster struggles to cope with the demands of his fiery and overzealous football coach. It's clear they all could use an escape from the stress of every day life. Meeting up under the cover of night, they unfurl their plan to get away, but you'll have to finish the video to find out what happens!

"Superhero" is culled from Falling in Reverse's fourth album, Coming Home, which is out now on Epitaph Records. The band will be supporting the record across a series of July dates followed by one-off appearances through Oct. 1, hitting a number of festivals and a handful of Warped Tour dates. Check out the stops below.

Falling in Reverse 2017 U.S. Tour Dates

July 13 — Oshkosh, Wis. @ Rock USA
July 14 — Chicago, Ill. @ Chicago Open Air Festival
July 15 — Grand Rapids, Mich. @ 20 Monroe Live
July 16 — Millvale, Penn. @ Mr. Smalls
July 18 — Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio @ Vans Warped Tour
July 19 — Cincinnati, Ohio @ Vans Warped Tour
July 20 — Noblesville, Ind. @ Vans Warped Tour
July 22 — Bangor, Maine @ Rise Above Fest
Aug. 06 — Pomona, Calif. @ Vans Warped Tour
Sept. 22 — Denver, Colo. @ High Elevation Rock Festival
Sept. 30 — Janesville, Wis. @ Sonic Boom Festival
Oct. 01 — Louisville, Ky. @ Louder Than Life Festival

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