Five Finger Death Punch fans know that the band and its members relay honesty through their music, lyrics and live performance. When we sat down with drummer Jeremy Spencer, he spoke very honestly about an autobiography he is currently working on.

With the band getting ready to release their new album, ‘The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2’ on Nov. 19, Spencer has also been busy putting the finishing touches on his book. The drummer revealed when fans can expect it, talked about his past battle with addiction and discussed what inspired him to start writing the book in the first place. Check out our very candid conversation with Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch below.

You're working on an autobiography. How is it progressing so far?

It’s happening. It’s going great, I have a book deal. It should be coming out in spring; I don’t have an official date. I have to turn the book in soon and I’m doing final touch ups right now. Whenever I signed the deal they wanted a few changes. I was just planning on self-releasing it. After I got out of rehab, on Day 1, I started writing the story of my life as therapy and it turned out to be pretty decent. [Laughs]

My dad helped me re-write it and make it something that could be read because my draft was pretty brutal and he was like, “You’ll be hated if you release that.” He helped me re-work it and then I got a book deal. He’s still helping me with this process now and it’s turning out to be an interesting read.

It’s almost a story of redemption. I had chemical dependency issues even from a young age. I battled through addictions and overcoming adversities of just trying to make it in the music business just like anyone. I left home at 19 with no money and lived on a floor in a closet for almost a year. It took 15 years to have a breakthrough in L.A. It wasn’t an overnight thing. It’s an inspirational story of anyone that’s trying to achieve that dream and anyone that’s struggling with addiction. There’s ways to overcome it and persevere and come out clean on the other side; that’s what the book’s about.

What for you was your breaking point? What made you want to go to rehab and live life for yourself instead of your addiction?

I almost died a few times. The last time my heart was close to stopping and I was just laying there thinking, “How bummed out are my parents going to be?” and that bummed me out. That was it, it was like “You have so much good happening with the band.” Our third record had just went gold and I was just like “Enough of this” so I went right into rehab. It’s been almost two years since.

Thank you for sharing that. I think whether you’re facing addiction or not this book might open up some minds.

It’s life and dealing with life. In my life I’ve been fortunate enough to see some really great stuff and crazy stuff. I’ve experienced crazy rock life and normal life. It’s a bit of everything. I think it’ll be a fun read.

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