On Monday (June 12), Five Finger Death Punch hit another bump in the road with singer Ivan Moody. The frontman has been battling issues with alcohol abuse, which manifested at the Tilburg, Netherlands gig where he declared it was his last performance with the group. The show continued in a disruptive manner with the members walking offstage after songs, arguing with each other onstage as well. Now, they've have made plans to make it up to those who were in attendance.

Five Finger Death Punch posted a statement on their Facebook page explaining that they will "immediately return to Tilburg," offering up a free gig for any ticket holders who were present at the aforementioned show. Any fan who had purchased a ticket for the Tilburg concert can expect an email to arrive from the 013 venue with instructions on how to redeem their "priority tickets" along with a direct download for e-tickets.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory commented, “Last Monday’s show was an avalanche of events largely out of our control. We could sit here all day and apologize but our fans in the Netherlands deserve better than that. They’ve stuck with us all these years and helped get us to where we are today. So, we managed to re-route our tour and come back to Tilburg and play a free show on our day off - because actions speak louder than words.”

Shortly after the now infamous Tilburg concert, Five Finger Death Punch announced a co-headlining European tour with In Flames set for late 2017, also revealing that Tommy Vext would be fronting the group in place of Ivan Moody on a fill-in basis. For more on who Vext is and his musical background, click here.

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