There has been some turmoil in the Five Finger Death Punch camp recently, with an infamous onstage meltdown and some tabloid type stories. Lest you think that might spell the end of the band, the opening song and title track of their new album Got Your Six gives a glimpse into their mindset with Ivan Moody’s spoken word line, “I will never accept defeat and I will never quit.”

One thing 5FDP have always done is persevere, becoming one of the most successful bands in heavy music without a lot of love from critics and downright hostility from certain music fans. After both of their 2013 The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell albums landed at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawned a few huge radio hits, expectations keep rising.

On Got Your Six, the band embraces that challenge. They follow a similar sonic path that has served them so well, but up the ante on the songwriting. Once again they teamed up with producer Kevin Churko (Disturbed, In This Moment, Papa Roach), who they’ve worked with since 2009's War Is The Answer.

As you’d expect, Got Your Six is packed with aggression, attitude and plenty of posturing from Moody. It’s also packed with monster hooks and potential radio hits. They know how to write anthemic singles, and “Wash It All Away” is destined to be a smash. It has the melodic singalong chorus, a mid-tempo groove and the requisite guitar solo from Jason Hook.

Lead single “Jekyll and Hyde” uses a voice mail Moody sent to Hook as its base, something that’s unique and works well. The album is razor sharp with little filler and a less than 40 minute running time. The songs in the middle of the album are solid, but really pick up with “No Sudden Movement.” It should become a live staple with its call-and-response “click clack” sections.

The ballad on the album is “Diggin’ My Own Grave,” which in true power ballad fashion starts off mellow before kicking in and delivering another hook-laden chorus. One of the highlights of the album’s second half is “Meet My Maker,” featuring meaty riffs and powerful drumming from Jeremy Spencer.

As with most Five Finger Death Punch albums, listening to Got Your Six works well to let off some steam, get in a solid workout or crank up nice and loud as you’re cruising down the highway. Like them or not, 5FDP have become a force to be reckoned with and this album will continue their radio and chart reign.

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