As previously reported, Five Finger Death Punch shortened their set Friday night (Nov. 25) in Worcester, Mass., with singer Ivan Moody sharing with the crowd that his "mother" was "passing on today," and eventually leaving the stage before the group wrapped up their set. It was later reported by Blabbermouth that it was not Moody's mother but another extended family member that was ailing. But things have taken a bizarre turn since.

Rockfeed spoke to Moody's sister Sandi about the claims that his mother was dying, to which she responded, "Our mother is alive and well. I believe in my personal opinion that Ivan was drunk and used that as an excuse for his horrid behavior." She went on to add, "No one in our family is sick or dying currently."

Bassist Chris Kael had confirmed after the Worcester show that the band intended on continuing their tour. And they were back onstage in Newark, N.J. where Moody addressed his behavior.

As seen in the video above, the singer stated, “I was asked not to say anything about my past. I’ve never done what anybody told me to. Last night I had a mental moment. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or any of it. True. Just melted down."

He continued, "The last thing I wanna do was embarrass my band, or my family, or any of you. I always make fun of Kanye West… just let me finish… I found out today he’s still in the mental institution. Don’t be rude, straight up. I never got it before. I’m starting to get it now. If it wasn’t for you beautiful motherf--kers, I don’t think I’d be on this stage."

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