Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis has battled both drug and alcohol issues for a sizable portion of Korn's career, but it seems like the singer's struggles have influenced yet another frontman for the better. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody reveals that Davis is the one who curbed his own drinking issues.

According to Jonathan Davis, he hasn't had a sip of alcohol since August 1998. However, the Korn singer has been fighting with Xanax addiction this year. "I went to rehab in Bakersfield, a real rehab place, not some fru-fru place.," Davis told us during an exclusive interview from September. "I was in there for week, shaking like a fish and almost having seizures and all that stuff. Then I got out and went to see the guys in the band. I’ve been on prolonged detox for like five months now. Hard to explain what it feels like. But I made the new record with one foot in limbo and one in reality. Hopefully now I can help a lot of kids, our fans that are going through things like this. Lots of kids suffer from these conditions and I like to help out, that’s a big thing for me. It’s just who I am. I have no problem talking about anything and if I can help others, then great.

It turns out that along with a potentially long list of fans, Davis has successfully inspired Ivan Moody to put down the drink. “It goes way back in my family,” Moody tells Metal Hammer. “My grandfathers were massive alcoholics; one took his own life and the other died from alcohol poisoning. In my family it was never looked down upon. I never quit, but I’ve weaned myself off the excess of drinking. I got tired of waking up and not knowing how I got to my room, or where my shoes were, or why I had a black eye and my bandmates wouldn’t talk to me."

Moody continues, “It started interfering with my every day life. The guy who talked me out of drinking so much was Jonathan Davis from Korn. He pulled me up on his bus one night and basically told me that I had the opportunity to be something bigger and that there were millions of people listening to me, so now was the moment to get it together. He told me that he loved what I did with music and onstage, and that was really an honour, but he told me to quit the sauce.”

Five Finger Death Punch are featured on the cover on Metal Hammer's 250th issue, which is now out and available. Pick it up!