Five Finger Death Punch are not the kind of band to do things small and by the looks of things, the band could be set to unleash their most ambitious music video yet.

The group has been working on a new video for their cover of 'House of the Rising Sun' (popularized by the 1964 recording by The Animals), but calling it a "video" might be short-changing things a bit. Judging by the trailer that just surfaced online, the band appears to be ready to unveil a 'Mad Max'-like short film.

In a Facebook statement posted along with the trailer, the band states, "This video was an experiment, the initial steps toward something we always wanted to do ... make a full length movie." The band even calls on fans to "tag a friend" who would be great for the cast if they ever do make a feature film.

To see their full post and to watch the trailer, check below.


Look for Five Finger Death Punch's 'House of the Rising Sun' video turning up on VEVO March 24. And for those who've yet to pick up Five Finger Death Punch's 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell' discs, both volumes are currently available at a special discounted price on iTunes for this week only here and here.