A lot of bands you'll find in March Metal Mascot Madness 2015 have been around for a very long time. Over a period of decades the bands' respective mascots have become legendary, but Five Finger Death Punch's cartoon representative, Knucklehead, has quickly become one of modern metal's most recognizable figures.

Knucklehead adorned the entire cover of FFDP's debut full-length, The Way of the Fist, in 2007. Knucklehead caught on immediately, appearing on ever album cover from War Is the Answer all the way to The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell double album.

Shortly after forming in 1993, the masked members of Mushroomhead introduced their X-Face mascot. Unlike any other band in March Metal Mascot Madness 2015, Mushroomhead actually took on the form of X-Face while using the imagery on album covers and merch as well.

The first hint of X-Face on a Mushroomhead album came with XX in 2001, while the Remix 2000 album depicted a camouflage X-Face on its cover. The debate of Mushroomhead's use of masks next to that of Slipknot caused a decade-long feud between the two acts, but X-Face has always been 100 percent Mushroomhead.

Knucklehead or X-Face? Cast your vote in the poll below! Voting for Round 1 ends on Monday, Mar. 23 at 8AM ET. 

Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal mascot wins!

Mosh Pit Region, Round 1

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