Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that the Foo Fighters would be breaking up, but the band denied this and instead announced an extended hiatus, declaring, "For the millionth time, we're not breaking up. And nobody's going f--king solo!" The last half of this, however, is not completely true as drummer Taylor Hawkins has just announced his first-ever solo release.

The six-song release will arrive under the title Kota and will be out Nov. 11. Magnifying what it's like for a rock star living in the suburbs, the theme is immediately clear on the first single, "Range Rover B--ch," which can be heard in the player below.

Opening with a Predator-like noise, psychedelic guitar licks gradually fade into the picture before the romping rhythm begins to dictate the jarring pace of the track. With disjointed guitar work, the song bobs and weaves with rapid tempo accelerations that come to a screeching halt, recklessly manhandling the pace.

The lyrics deal with messy divorces as "the Range Rover b--ch took it all" and "the prenup meant nothing at all.Clocking in under three minutes, the song packs a range of musical moods into its brevity with Hawkins presiding over most of the instrumentation as well as handling lead vocals, though he was joined by unspecified friends in the studio for the recording.

Pre-orders for Kota can be placed here and the track listing can be seen below.

Taylor Hawkins"Range Rover B--ch"

Taylor Hawkins, Kota Track Listing:

1. "Range Rover B--ch"
2. "Bob Quit His Job"
3. "Southern Belles"
4. "Rudy"
5. "Tokyo No No"
6. "I’ve Got Some Not Being Around You To Do Today"

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