Earlier this year, Ghost B.C. made their long-awaited return to North America. The sinister Satanists provided one of the year's best live shows, capturing the attention of a metal community searching for something just a bit different. From the 'Haze Over North America' tour, Ghost B.C. have just unveiled a live performance of 'Secular Haze' from their May 11 show in New York City.

When we first reported on Ghost B.C.'s 2013 North American tour with Ides of Gemini, we knew there was absolutely no way we'd miss them. We attended Ghost's New York City show at Webster Hall and we can state first-hand that the band's live footage of 'Secular Haze' captures he concert's zeitgeist beautifully.

The hypnotic and dynamic performance of the 'Infestissumam' staple is even better than the track's official video, so if you found Ghost to not be your cup of tea, this new footage could change that. The unit is extremely tight throughout the performance and the hypnotic eyes of singer Papa Emeritus II will simply freeze you.

Just before Ghost's May gig in NYC, we spoke to one of the band's nameless ghouls. "In many ways, we have a very similar approach of touching people in the same way the church has always done," said the Ghoul. "We are creating a solemn moment where you are tickled visually, musically, with scent. Some get tickled sexually; we do, too. We're doing something very similar to the old traditional way of putting emotions into people by overpowering them with expression."

Check out Ghost's new live video for 'Secular Haze' above.