When the clock strikes 8:15, the boys in Godsmack raise a glass and toast to all the good things in life, and now they’re inviting their fans to take part in what has become a band tradition.

In a new tour video straight from the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, frontman Sully Erna checks in to explain what 8:15 means to the band. It’s a time for them to get together, reflect on what they’re all grateful for and that includes all things good -  “good friends, good times, and good karma.”

The video shows some behind the scenes clips of the band partaking in their toast and perhaps some of the after effects from Shannon Larkin dancing to Sully singing along to a song that may cause him to lose a few rocker demerits.

The rest of the video is equally entertaining, showing some live moments from the tour including their hometown show in Massachusetts. Check out the full video below.

The band is encouraging fans to "keep the spirit alive" and submit their own “Happy 8:15” moments in the form of photos and videos to their website, where they’ll be shared with the Godsmack community.

Watch the 'Happy 8:15' Video From Godsmack