Talk about the time of your life! But in this case we're sending well wishes instead of good riddance, as a young man chose a Green Day in-store signing this past week as the location to pop the question to his girlfriend.

Video of the impromptu proposal can be seen above, with the band members nearly as surprised as the bride to be. "Aw, that was amazing," says Billie Joe Armstrong, reacting to the proposal. "Unreal. Thank God she said yes." The couple will now forever have the memory of their commitment starting at a Hot Topic in Los Angeles with the Green Day guys on hand.

Green Day are in the midst of a lot of promotion as their Revolution Radio album was recently released for fans to check out. The single "Bang Bang" has shot up to the top of the charts, while the band also released the songs "Still Breathing," "Ordinary World" and the title track in support of the disc.

Meanwhile, the new film Ordinary World starring Billie Joe Armstrong was recently released as well. Armstrong and the band have been making the rounds on the talk show circuit to promote their album and Billie Joe's film, while also touring in support of the Revolution Radio album. Though one leg is about to wrap, Green Day have already started booking shows into 2017. Dates can be seen here.

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