GWAR's highly anticipated new album 'Battle Maximus' is drawing near! This album marks the debut of new guitarist Pustulus Maximus, who has taken up the axe in place of the fallen Scumdog, Flattus Maximus (Corey Smoot). They've already released 'Madness at the Core of Time' and now have deemed us worthy of hearing another new jam called 'Bloodbath' steaming at Noisey. Somehow, it took the band that literally kills everyone over 25 years to pen a song with that title.

'Bloodbath' picks up right where GWAR last left us with 2010's 'Bloody Pit of Horror,' maintaining the straightforward heavy metal approach they've taken since 'Violence Has Arrived.' Noisey conducted an interview with Oderus Urungus, and he had a lot to say about this new album.

"We did not try to write in the same style. We let the band go. And it kind of just progressed very naturally, very organically, if you will—I don't want to sound like a f-cking hippie—but it just started happening. Pustulus is an amazing guitar player. His bombs, his sweeps, his noodle work—every bit as adept as Flattus, but in a different way. So I’d have to say maybe the sound of the record is a bit more on the thrash metal side, rather than the darker, heavier sh-t that we were doing on the last record."

So there you have it. You can alleviate all doubts you may have had about Pustulus Maximus and get back to the barrier to be covered in blood at their next show. GWAR are clearly very happy with their new guitarist, and if you are, too, you can pick up 'Battle Maximus' Sept. 17 on Metal Blade Records.