We recently conducted an in-depth interview with Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale about the band's upcoming album ‘The Strange Case Of...’, touring, side projects and much more. But we also asked her who she would like to collaborate with and Hale mentioned a number of interesting choices.

“Let’s see. Well there’s one band and they’re not entirely well known yet called Aranda that we toured with before they’re just great musicians and we actually were planning on writing in some point in time just for the hell of it, as soon as they get off tour and we have some time. They’ve been sending me little snippets of ideas and stuff and we really want to collaborate together,” says Hale.

“ As far as somebody more well known, obviously I’m kind of an '80s freak so I’d love to do something with Sebastian Bach, now that he’s following me on Twitter, which completely made my life. [Laughs]”

“Alice Cooper would be great too, I would also love at some point in time to do a duet with M. Shadows from Avenged [Sevenfold] because I just love his voice; M. Shadows if you’re listening, I think we’d be good together. [Laughs] We toured with those guys, too, and they’re really sweet.”

“There was one time when we had a party back stage and [Avenged] threw this little gathering and on one side of the room was wine tasting and on the other side of the room was a tattoo guy giving everybody tattoos which I thought was amazing. [Laughs] So which side do I start on? I guess I’ll start on the wine tasting and see if I make it over to the tattoo guy.”

Tattoos and wine? Lzzy Hale and M. Shadows sounds like a Valentine's Day collaboration made in heaven!