Most lyric videos simply scrawl out the lyrics against an interesting backdrop while the song plays, but Hellyeah wanted something a little more visually captivating for their "Hush" lyric video. The powerful song which addresses domestic violence needed something more attention grabbing and that's what it got in the action-filled new clip.

The video starts off innocently enough with a young girl in her room at home and sound of faint voices arguing in the background. But it's not long before we see that not all is right as she grabs a pillow and screams her angst into it as loud as she can. That transports her into a narrow room where the song's lyrics play out scrawled upon the dilapidated wall and in shreds of paper strewn across the floor.

The track starts off ominously with slow-building intensity until it's revealed that the "hush" is how she deals with her situation. "Hell's where I was born / Hell's where I was raised / This hell is where I'm from / And this hell is where I'll stay," belts Chad Gray in the chorus, before tailing off with the somber, "Just be still and pray / And let the noise just fade away."

Hellyeah recently announced their participation in the "No More Week" campaign in which put a focus on bringing awareness to domestic violence. Gray penned the lyrics to the track specifically about his own experiences growing up in a home where domestic violence was an issue.

Gray issued a statement on the matter that can be read below.

NO MORE! That’s right! NO MORE! This is something very close to me. I am not here to exploit this cause or “NO MORE” for my own gain, and i wasn’t sitting in a room twisting my goatee plotting for this opportunity when I wrote the lyrics for HUSH. Music to me is an exorcism of the past. It allows me to approach those situations head-on in a way that I can understand them, process them, and while I cannot eliminate them completely – It gives me the ability to deal with them. Music is my voice. It’s cathartic and therapeutic for me.
This is something I have battled through personally, and the “NO MORE” cause was my real life inspiration for HUSH. Over the years, every time I perform these songs I relive those memories, and every time, I take another brick off the wall that has been built, or drop another stone off the load that I carry. Memory and experience is what I have (good or bad) to make better decisions in my life. I hope that you can all take something away from this. Life is full of forgiveness, and I’ve had to forgive to live a more settled life. So forgive, lay down your arms, be a better person and take a stand with me. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Raise your voice and Stand against domestic violence. ‪#‎NOMORE‬ ‪#‎HUSHNOMORE‬

The "No More" organization's goal is to spark conversation about domestic violence and sexual assault and spur organizations and corporations to make the issue a priority year round. For additional information on No More and their efforts, click here.

Hellyeah are currently promoting their Blood for Blood album on tour. Be sure to catch the band hitting the stage at these locations.

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