In This Moment vocalist Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth recently met up with Full Metal Jackie during the Loudwire Nights host's trip to Rock on the Range. The duo spoke about In This Moment's newest album, 'Black Widow,' their upcoming tour with Five Finger Death Punch + Papa Roach and much more. Check out the full interview below:

First of all, congratulations on all the success of your recent record.

Maria Brink: Thank you. It's exciting.

I've gotta know what it's like to be performing onstage. You've got dancers, this whole stage show; it must be so much fun. It seems like you guys are having a good time out there.

MB: It really is, it's a girls dream. It's theatrical, all the wardrobe changes and the dancers and the blood...

Chris Howorth: It's a girls dream. [Laughs]

Maria, you end up on the cover of magazines, hottest chicks in metal and all that stuff. How do you feel about being associated with that and doing what you do? Does it bother you?

MB: I've said it before: just being a pretty face ain't going to get you that far. It has to be about whatever the art behind it is and what the message is and what the music is, the purpose. I think there has to be a lot more involved, so I just take it for what it is. Press is press. If it's too much based on looks, it does start getting a little irritating eventually, right Chris?

CH: Yeah.

Chris' pretty face has gotten him pretty far.

CH: It's always about looks when people are talking to me about stuff. It's always, "Why are you so pretty? Why are you so hot? How do you do it?"

MB: And it started steering away from all that stuff, don't you think? It used to be all about that stuff. Lately it's been changing, which is great.

You guys have played a ton of festivals around the world. What do think is great about being on a festival like Rock on the Range?

CH: Rock on the Range, specifically, because it's the United States. It's so huge and we started out three years ago on the Jager Stage. Then the next year we got to play the second stage, which was so big in comparison for us. Now we've gotten to the main stage, which is such a huge honor and such a huge thing for us. We've been talking about this tour for months prior about how this is the biggest tour of our career, just because of that alone. Graduating up the ranks on all these festivals and being able to play the main stage. It's crazy. So cool for us.

MB: We're the tortoise. Slow and steady rising. Also, I always have to say, in the world, you turn the news on nowadays and there's so much fighting going on, so many bad things. I think when you get this many people that come together just for music, to celebrate and unite… and no one knows each other, but for the music, all of those people are silent and connected. It's really beautiful.

Speaking of tours, you guys are going to be touring with Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach, which is going to be a fantastic tour.

MB: Yes, we're so excited.

You also did a song with Jacoby Shaddix. Talk about that.

MB: Totally. "Gravity" is a song we did a video for and we're really excited. There are whispers of possibly of doing the song on the tour, I don't know. But we just love Five Finger, we love Papa Roach and we're really excited about that tour. Everybody is friends; arenas, it's going to be amazing.

CH: It's going to be big, too, it's such a great lineup. I don't see how people aren't going to want to go.

You've toured with Five Finger Death Punch before. I feel like it's a long time ago at this point.

MB: It was, but out of all the tours that we've done, Five Finger is definitely one where we get a lot of new fans and a lot of new people saying they saw us on the Five Finger tour. A lot of feedback.

CH: Back in 2009, we continually heard for the next four years that the Five Finger tour was where fans saw us. So it's been a long time coming, doing it with them again. We're really excited.

MB: It's cool to bring the forces back together.

The new record, Black Widow, you did it with producer Kevin Churko in Vegas. Talk about what it's like working with Kevin.

MB: He's the man. Artistically, musically, personally, he's just an outstanding human being who really pulls me to the edge of my sanity, which is where you need to be. On the verge of crazy. It's safe, he holds me over the ledge. He's such a stellar guy.

CH: He's like our good friend and family member at this point.

MB: Part of the band, really.

CH: We can't really think of doing anything without him. What's cool about this tour is, Kevin had done the last few Five Finger albums, he just did the Papa Roach album and Ozzy. It's kind of like Churko fest. If we had Ozzy on it it'd be, for real, Churko fest.

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