Incubus are making their presence felt this year. After recently dropping a new single and video for "Absolution Calling," the group is now serving the title track from the upcoming EP, Trust Fall (Side A).

The song arrives via a trippy new lyric video that's reminiscent of '70s era laser light shows and spiraling imagery. Meanwhile, the lyrics pop up on screen much like the '70s educational program Electric Company, where kids learned their words via silhouetted figures.

As revealed earlier this year, Incubus are foregoing the traditional full album format for their new recordings and instead are plotting to issue a pair of EPs this year. In a recent interview, guitarist Mike Einziger stated, “We’re doing this really fun thing right now where we’re just writing songs and recording them and then releasing them, like as we finish them. We don’t really know what’s going to happen and the chaos that comes along with that is exhilarating. It sounds so corny but all we’ve ever done is as a band is to try and make music that gets us excited and hopefully other people will like it to. And, we’re in the advanced information age when we can just put things out. We can record them and just put them out immediately.”

Trust Fall (Side A) is expected for March 24 and is currently available to pre-order at iTunes. In addition to "Absolution Calling" and "Trust Fall," the disc is rounded out by the songs "Make Out Party" and "Dance Like You're Dumb." Meanwhile, Trust Fall (Side B) is expected to arrive later this year.

Look for Incubus returning to the road in support of their new music. Their current dates can be found at this location.