If you didn't think Jack White's latest album would top the Billboard 200, well, you don't know Jack. Boarding House Reach hit No. 1 in its debut week, giving the rocker his third consecutive chart-topping record as a solo artist.

Billboard reports that Jack White's new record moved 124,000 equivalent units, with 121,000 of them being physical copies, an impressive number for an increasingly stream-reliant era. Boarding House Reach also notched a mark for rock in 2018, representing the highest sales week for the genre yet this year. This number is only a slight drop off from White's past two albums, both which tallied 138,000 copies in their respective debut weeks.

This chart-topping streak of White's is really a feat to behold when considering that no White Stripes album ever achieved the No. 1 mark, falling shy twice at No. 2 (Icky Thump) and No. 3 (Get Behind Me Satan). Both of those albums went on to be certified Gold by the RIAA while only White's solo debut, Blunderbuss, has this distinction.

Jack White's North American tour launches on April 19 and you can see a list of all upcoming stops, along with his European dates, here. Be careful if you want to use your phone during the show though as the rocker intends to ban the use of them at some of the stops.

"I really react to the crowd, just like a stand-up comedian would ... If I finish a song and go, 'Ta-da!,' and it's crickets, I'm like, 'Well, I don't know what to do now. Am I supposed to play a heavier song, a faster song? Do you want me to play acoustic? Do you want me to leave? I'll leave!' But what I don't like is, 'Is that how they really feel, or are they just not even paying attention because they're not engaged ... because they're texting," White explained to Metallica's Lars Ulrich on his Beats 1 radio show.

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