These are the best of times for Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach. The vocalist expressed his excitement over the wealth of material he's involved with at this point, most of it happening to also include his longtime friend and musical cohort Adam Dutkiewicz.

In an Instagram posting, Leach spoke about his "odd couple" pairing with Dutkiewicz, but also managed to give an update on a pair of projects that they both are a part of: Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace.

"On paper our personalities clash, but in life it works, it clicks and it’s genuine," said Leach of Dutkiewicz, then adding, "More vocal tracking for KSE in the next three days. We are chipping away at a massive stone. I’m about halfway through 21 songs. Then of course figuring out which songs make it to the album."

He went on to discuss the photo of the pair accompanying his commentary, explaining, "This photo was from the 'Times of Grace' days ... and yes at some point there will be a new record for that project as well. One thing at a damn time! #killswitchengage #JesseLeach #AdamD #TimesOfGrace #PuttingInWork #OddCouple #Pals #chaosAndOrder" See the post below.

Speaking of an "odd couple," how about an odd trio? As has been revealed over the past year, Leach and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones have gotten to know each other and their friendship has blossomed to the point of Jones joining Leach and Dutkiewicz in the studio, as well as onstage at a few Killswitch shows. Jones has gone on to front Light the Torch in his time since exiting Killswitch, leaving the door open for Leach's return to the band.

Back in April, Jones spent time in the studio with Leach and Dutkiewicz, with Leach posting of their collaboration, "It is going to be EPIC." The thrilled Leach went on to offer a host of hashtags on that photo post from the studio, offering up the hints: #Duet #YesItHappenedYouKnewItWouldSomeday #BombTrack #Banger #Unity #PMA.

Killswitch Engage also have more dates to finish out the year. The band will kick off a short run centered around some makeup dates that the band needed to fulfill after Leach fell out of a tour to have vocal surgery earlier this year. The new stops begin Nov. 24 in Providence, R.I., and wrap Dec. 6 in Sayreville, N.J.

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