The question that is on everyone's minds right now is, "Who is the new mystery member playing keyboard in Slipknot?"

On June 7, Slipknot suddenly parted ways with longtime keyboardist Craig Jones, who had been in the band for 27 years. Shortly after posting their statement on social media and once word had quickly traveled, the group took down the post and shared a photo of their new member after finishing their festival set at Nova Rock in Austria.

So, for the fourth time, fans are now aiming to uncover the identity of a replacement member in Slipknot. In 2014, the identities of drummer Jay Weinberg and bassist Alessandro "V-Man" Venturella were unofficially revealed.

And in 2019, after 'Knot split with percussionist Chris Fehn, fans did a fine job of figuratively unmasking Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff, piecing together quite a lot of incidental clues along the way. A gaffe (#PfaffGaffe) later occurred in 2020 when Slipknot themselves accidentally leaked his real name in a webstore item listing. Even so, another two years went by before they confirmed Pfaff in an official capacity, making him a permanent member of the band after proving himself in the live role.

So, here we are trying to figure out just who this new member is.

The other question, which may be a bit personal and intimate, is who is most likely to brandish bondage ware, such as a gimp mask, among this bunch?

Anyway, let's take a look at those keyboard players who have ties to Slipknot to see who this mystery member pictured below really might be.

Four Keyboard Players With Ties to Slipknot

Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour)

We know what you’re thinking — “Roy Mayorga is a drummer! Loudwire, are you drunk or just stupid?”


While, yes, Mayorga has made a career commanding the drum throne in several bands (Stone Sour, Nausea, Soulfly, Ministry, Hellyeah, Amebix, Channel Zero and more), he channels his inner Keith Emerson during his downtime, tinkering around with synthesizers, turning noise into something musical amid piles of winding cables, dozens of effects knobs and all that mind-bending gadgetry.

In 2006, he joined Stone Sour, the hard rock band fronted by Corey Taylor that also featured Slipknot guitarist Jim Root from 1995 through 1997 and again from 2000 through 2014.

Dorothy Hecht (To My Surprise)

Dorothy Hecht currently works at the Central Iowa Music Lab, a music education center for guitar, drums, voice, piano, wind instruments and more.

For a brief spell (2005-2006), Hecht was a vocalist and keyboardist in the alt-rock group To My Surprise, a side project of Clown’s that formed in 2002. The band released one record — a self-titled 2003 effort — and Hecht was tabbed to join the group as work commenced on a follow-up. Some shows were played, but no other material ever came to fruition.

The last time Slipknot replaced a member, Clown looked to his Dirty Little Rabbits bandmate Pfaff. He’s a schooled musician, and, perhaps, Clown now had his eyes on the Central Iowa Music Lab?

Kyle Sherrod (The Black Dots of Death)

In addition to playing keys in The Black Dots of Death, a post-punk/nu-industrial project starring Clown, Sherrod teamed up with the Slipknot icon on his feature length directorial debut, Officer Downe, composing the theme and serving as a music editor.

In 2012, The Black Dots of death released their only album, Ever Since We Were Children.

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Nathan Church (Downthesun)

Nathan Church is one name that has already been floated by fans as a possibility for Jones’ replacement.

The connection isn’t quite as direct as it is for the other three musicians listed above, but there is a link to Clown.

Downthesun were a nu-metal band formed in 1999 and the lone act to be signed to Slipknot’s short-lived record label, Maggot Corps. Their self-titled 2002 album was produced by GGGarth, with Slipknot’s keg-basher serving as executive producer.

Clown was aware of the group because of Church’s previous band Canvas, who wound up opening for Slipknot after winning a battle of the bands contest. Downthesun’s style bears some resemblance to Slipknot’s music, so Church could be a bit of a natural fit within the group.

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