Last year, Kid Rock ran a fake campaign for Senate as a way to build interest around a U.S. tour and album. Against common sense and better judgment, it caught on with fans, and the tour became a pretty successful run for the singer. So successful in fact that Mr. Rock is donating $122,000 worth of "campaign" merchandise sales to a college Republican group.

In an email to the Detroit News, Kid Rock's publicist Jay Jones revealed that the College Republican National Committee did campaign work during Kid Rock's tour, registering fans to vote at different stops. Ted Dooley, president of the CRNC revealed Kid Rock had made the donation back in December, and he said registering voters at the concerts was "pretty much like other voter registration work we do... except a lot more fun."

Kid Rock has also been sending money to charities in need across his home state of Michigan and beyond. He sent off $25,000 donations each to the Second Harvest Food Banks of Western Michigan and Middle Tennessee.

"I also wanted to start 2018 off on a positive note, hoping to influence others who have been as blessed as me, by donating 50k to The Second Harvest Food Banks of West Michigan and Middle Tennessee (25k each - the checks will go out today)," said Rock. "I think it is important to help others out, especially this time of year when it is cold and the holidays can be such a strain on some who are really struggling to try to make ends meet. Please do what you can to help. They have other locations all across America."

Read the full story over at Detroit News.

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