If kids are our future, then the metal scene that lies ahead is looking really bright. Especially with the kids learning the ropes through the O'Keefe Music Foundation. After a year of brilliant covers, the group has given us one more gift before 2022 is out: A cover of Slipknot's "The Heretic Anthem."

This performance again features the supremely talented 10-year-old Zoë Franziska who has appeared in several other OMF videos as of late, including covers of Korn songs "Somebody Someone" and "Freak on A Leash" (which has since nabbed four million views).

In this latest share, Zoe again reps her band du jour with a Korn shirt but puts her focus solely on Slipknot for the hair-raising delivery, showcasing her sincere growl that can only make you hope a label is preparing her contract right now.

The video starts out with a precocious kid in pigtails and a plaid dress leading the whispered countdown at the beginning of the song, which hails from Slipknot's 2001 album Iowa, and then the mayhem lets loose as the 10-deep ensemble unleashes the sonic assault

While all the kids are super talented (12-year-old Xander Markewich wrote his own guitar solo for the performance and Brianna Montante recorded chimes with a chainsaw) seeing the percussion section get creative swinging baseball bats at wheel barrows and metal kegs is truly a treat.

The group says, "Due to limited funds, OMF was unable to book a professional recording studio. So here it is, proof that you can record a crushing song in your garage." Fans of the kids can donate to the music education organization here, ensuring we'll get more gems like this in the future.

The comments section on the YouTube page shows there's no shortage of OMF believers. "I demand the Zoe thumbnail be made into a tshirt!!! I will buy 20 of them and wear them everyday to work!!" says one person. "She sounds more metal than a lot of the things i hear coming out of full grown men these days," says another. And of course, many are calling on Corey Taylor to see the piece and issue a reaction.

Watch the full cover below.

Kids Cover Slipknot's "The Heretic Anthem"

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