Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach has checked in post-surgery with a positive update after undergoing treatment for a developing polyp this week. "Surgery went well my friends," stated Leach from his hospital bed.

The vocalist added, "Big thanks to Dr. Woo and the amazing staff at Mount Sinai Hospital. That was a surreal day, I'm glad it's over and I'm headed home." Leach concluded his post with a number of hashtags, including the names of his bands, and one stating #DestroyEraseImprove. Leach had previously stated that he has plans to work with vocal coach Melissa Cross moving forward with the idea of better taking care of his voice.

As previously reported, Killswitch Engage had to bow out of or reschedule several tour dates as a result of Leach's surgery and the vocalist went through some grief over having to make that decision. In a post following the surgery, Leach gave praise to his "bad ass wife" for her support through the process.

"She’s such an empath (like me, it’s a blessing and pain in the ass) and I feel like she was more stressed than I was at times. She is my biggest fan, biggest critic, best friend, partner in crime and the love of my damn life. She talked me out of a full on anxiety attack twice this past week. I’m not ashamed to say that," explained Leach. "My concern for having to cancel my first shows since my return to Killswitch (6 years ago now) was devastating to me and my ego/work ethic. In retrospect it feels a bit dramatic, but that’s what happens when you have seemly no control of your mindset. Still working on it daily as anxiety/depression is an ongoing battle....(Meditation helps a lot). Anyway, thankfully I’m feeling much more at peace with it all."

Meanwhile, Leach has revealed he still has plans to host the upcoming Small Bites of Hope benefit for chefs Brian Tsao and Chris Santos at New York's Vandal on May 9. However, he adds that he will not be speaking much due to his vocal rehab. It should be noted that Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta is now a co-host for the event. Leach intends to still do his part, providing music and DJing at the event. Small Bites of Hope is a suicide prevention and mental health awareness event.

Killswitch Engage had bowed out of all touring through May 5. The band had some time off following the May 5 show, but they are expected back on the road in Europe starting on May 26. See their scheduled stops here.

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