Hello, seasonally depressed humans. If you’re having a rough time isolating from a pandemic and getting two hours of sunlight each day, we’ve got a joyful challenge for your tired eyes.

Having a live press conference with Ozzy Osbourne in the '80s was an interesting decision… one that gave fans some hilarious intoxicated moments from the Prince of Darkness. When asked by a reporter about touring, Ozzy took about 100 times the average response time to say, “Yeah.” He quickly took it back, though.

We’ve got plenty of fails in this You Laugh, You Lose challenge, including a sweet moment of revenge from a kitty done wrong. Yes, cats don’t pay rent, but if you shoo a napping kitty off its favorite chair, don’t be surprised if something heavy gets knocked onto your head. One goat, however, made a whole room of new friends at a metal show, thanks to a DIY performance from Wormrot.

We’ve all seen a mediocre musician bomb in a sparsely populated bar, but we bet you’ve never seen this level of heckling. During a one-man show with a keyboard and a mic, a heckler grabbed a second microphone, which was live for some reason. As the keyboardist sang through a track, the heckler “harmonized” with the musician’s vocals, completely and hilariously wrecking the performance.

See if you can get through our You Laugh, You Lose Challenge in the video below.

You Laugh, You Lose

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