The lovely chaps of Motorhead recently reached out to a young fan after he was sent home for wearing a Motorhead England sweatshirt to school. Student Taylor Mathes was told by school officials that the hoodie, which bears the image of Motorhead mascot Snaggletooth, was unacceptable to wear because those in charge thought the band apparel was gang-related.

Mathes sent Motorhead representatives an email detailing what had happened at school. "My name is Taylor Mathes and today I wore my Motörhead England sweat shirt to school and I was sent to the office because of the [Snaggletooth] logo on the front," begins the email. "I was then told that I could not wear it to school due to some relation to a gang. However I told them I'm going to continue wearing [it] and showing my Motörhead pride everyday!!!"

In response to the young super-fan's support and solidarity, Motorhead posted Mathes' email on the band's official Facebook page along with a response:

We spoke to Taylor and we support him 100%! He's a cool kid and we are sending him a Motörhead Merch Package so he can continue to wear his favorite band proudly! We all have your back Taylor!! Motörhead for life!

Motorhead kept their promise, sending Mathes a Motorhead crew shirt, Motorhead crew pass, a 'The World is Ours Vol. 1' CD/DVD, a piece of Motorhead's backdrop and a letter straight from the man himself, Lemmy Kilmister:


Thank you for your diligent defense of Motörhead...glad we're still worthy!

Don't ever let the b******s grind ya down!


Stick it to the man, Taylor! Wear your new Motorhead gear with pride. Motorhead's 21st studio album, 'Aftershock,' is set for an Oct. 22 release in the U.S., and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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