There's sad news to report, as Eric Cook, guitarist for power/prog metal outfit Lethal, has lost his battle with cancer.

Cook co-founded the Kentucky-based band with his brother Glen and Tom Malicoat, before rounding out the band with drummer Jerry Hartmann in 1990. The group issued their debuted disc, 'Programmed,' through Metal Blade Records and followed with the five-song EP 'Your Favorite God,' before wrapping their promising career with the full length 'Poison Seed' in 1996 before splitting up.

In 2006, there started to be rumors of a reunion, with the band eventually agreeing to play the 2007 Chicago Powerfest. The group went on to play a couple more festivals that year, as well as Headbangers Open Air in 2008.

Keep it True festival organizer Oliver Weinsheimer told Blabbermouth, "I'm in a state of shock … I tried to help them getting further with new music and more gigs. I met the guys again at the gigs at Headbangers Open Air and Bang Your Head and then it got a bit quiet around them until today I got this shocking news."

He added, "Eric was one of the nicest musicians I ever worked with and a real gentleman. The whole next Keep it True will be dedicated to his honor and we will try to arrange a final farewell/tribute Lethal show for Keep it True 2014. This is something he deserves for all the beautiful music and joy he gave to us. The whole Keep it True family sends their condolences to his family, friends, and his band members, who all go through dark times right now."

Watch Lethal's 'Programmed' From Headbangers Open Air in 2008