Earlier this year it was revealed that Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst was resuming his directing career by shooting a new spot for the eHarmony dating website. That spot has now gone live, featuring eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren and a pair of kids.

In the spot, Warren's granddaughter brings by a young friend who "likes a girl," and wonders if she'd be a good eHarmony match for him. The spot also features a clever joke about the bed times of youngsters and the elderly. You can watch the ad in full above.

Durst reportedly shot three ads for the dating site, with the two children being featured in the newly released promo. The other spots are expected to break to a larger audience in August. "These particular commercials are more fun than I'm used to seeing from eHarmony campaigns," said Durst to Ad Age. "But you can relate to them in a way that makes sense on many levels for many types of people."

The other two ads feature the disastrous meeting of a witch and an ogre, while the third spot is focused on the ultra-competitive world of the wedding bouquet toss. "It was a really amazing experience," said Durst of the shoots. "The chemistry was perfect right off the bat. I'd definitely be open to doing something else if they wanted me to."

Warren added that he too felt the chemistry and explained that the pairing might not have yielded what people think. He adds, "Everybody thinks that I'm the most serious guy in the world, but I'm not. They think that Fred Durst is the most fool-around guy in the world, and they couldn't see how the two of us would be put together. But he just talks our language and I feel so comfortable around him."

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