Those who've followed Fred Durst's career know that the rocker is every bit as adept behind the camera as he is onstage. Durst, who made a name for himself in film by directing rock videos and eventually transitioning to movies, has just unveiled a new mockumentary short film titled 'The Truth.'

The 33-minute short finds a film crew invading the world of an evangelist known as Evan Jealous, who is portrayed by Durst. The film also includes guest appearances by Wes Borland and Mike Vallely, along with mostly unknown actors portraying members of Durst's congregation and crew. 'The Truth' can be seen in full in the player above.

Durst told, who premiered 'The Truth,' "[It's about] the hard facts of life, the hard edges, the things that have a foundation to them in life. These are things you just have gut instincts about. I grew up in a place that was very religious. We would skateboard, do different things, but I saw the other side -- my mother worked at a church, so I was around lots of people who were one way in church, but outside were in another reality."

The director adds of his character, Evan Jealous, "[He's] a person who grew up like that, seeing both sides, realizing he had a way with words, the way he explained things to people, he changed their life. He's a product of his environment, but he doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't know a thing about it. He really doesn't, at all, and he's not religious."

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