Limp Bizkit's next stage of their career has had a few stops and starts, and things are ready to start up again next month. Singer Fred Durst revealed via Twitter that things are coming along with the wealth of material that may end up being one or potentially two records. Plus, there's a new single and video for a track called 'Pain' that may be arriving soon.

Limp Bizkit have endured quite a bit of change in recent years, finally bowing out of their long-term label deal and eventually landing at the primarily hip-hop-featuring label Cash Money that's run by rapper Lil' Wayne. Durst wasted no time hopping on a song with Lil' Wayne, and recently teamed up with pop star, Kevin Rudolf, on a song called 'Champions' for the label.

While many have wondered about how the label change will affect the future, other cosmetic changes were made as well. At one point the group were at odds behind-the-scene with DJ Lethal and John Otto, but eventually made up with Otto while parting ways with Lethal. Meanwhile, returning guitarist Wes Borland finished up an album by his other band, Black Light Burns, and has recently been out touring with them. And that brings us back to Limp Bizkit, as Durst's new tweets discuss the band's current status and progress. The singer reveals:

During a recent interview with Wes Borland, the guitarist explained that while the title 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants' has been suggested for the new record, there are a couple of other record titles floating around and a couple of other directions the group considered pursuing.

He added, "We've had several studio sessions now where we've been writing. They've been kind of short, three songs here, two songs there, four songs here. We've been writing in different ways."

So while Durst has revealed that the group will head back into the studio next month, the amount of material churned out could amount to only a handful of tracks if the recent work patterns hold true to form.

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