When Rose tells Jack she'll never let go in Titanic, we're not sure if this is what she had in mind. While there have been many tributes since the death of Chester Bennington, we now have a mash-up that pairs Linkin Park's "In the End" with the love theme from Titanic, Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

The mash-up, dubbed "My Heart Will Go Back In the End," comes from a relatively new YouTuber going by the moniker The Table. As seen and heard in the clip above, The Table utilizes the rapping of Mike Shinoda, but things take a Dion-esque turn pretty much any time there's a Bennington vocal, with the singer's parts lying over the top of the instantly recognizable flute.

With the help of video editor Adam Dutch, the mash-up also plays out visually with a mixture of Linkin Park and Celine Dion performance footage seemingly coming together perfectly. Take a look and listen to the "My Heart Will Go Back In the End" mash-up above.

The Table's specialty appears to be mixing songs with popular films as there is a Death Grips meets La La Land mash-up, as well as "Du Heist," a pairing of Rammstein with the ominous music of the film Inception. See more of The Table's channel here.

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