Linkin Park will release their One More Light Live disc tomorrow (Dec. 15), an album they've dedicated to their late bandmate Chester Bennington. In a newly released video, Bennington gets to show some of his other talents, picking up a guitar to play alongside bandmate Brad Delson delivering their new song "Sharp Edges."

Bennington and Delson remain the only Linkin Park band members onstage, with the singer revealing that he and the guitarist had worked up the live version of the song earlier in the day during the intro for the track.

It's a very stripped back performance with the complimentary acoustic guitars backing the vulnerability of Bennington's voice as he shares a tale about how "sharp edges" come with consequences, but you still have to try. "We all fall down / We live somehow / We learn that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger," sings Bennington in a moving passage, as lighters and cell phones light up the sky from the crowd.

The band also recently issued their rendition of "Crawling" from the same show, which finds the group stripping back the traditionally rocked out song and letting the words truly connect with the crowd. You can watch that clip here.

Upon announcing the One More Light Live album, the band issued a statement saying, "After we finished recording the album, we joked with Chester that -- since he had delivered so many stunning performances in the studio -- he had set the bar extra high to produce that alchemy onstage each night. Not surprisingly, he welcomed the challenge. The shows we played together during the early summer of 2017 were extraordinary. Chester shared with us that he felt this was the best tour we had ever done. The camaraderie and joy we experienced onstage reflected our deep connection with each other, with our fans and with the music." For those interested, you can pre-order Linkin Park's One More Light Live here.

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