Amy Lee and Halestorm's Lzzy Hale recently united on Evanescence's new song "Use My Voice," alongside other iconic women in rock. Now, the two singers have extended that message toward the 2020 U.S. presidential election, stressing that this year's vote is one rooted in good against evil, not merely Republican against Democrat.

On Twitter, Hale shared a series of photos with text overlays that outlined her stance against the current Trump administration, singling out character traits she ascribes to the commander-in-chief, including "fear mongering," "racism," "inequality," "injustice," "childlish leadership" in addition to other qualities.

"I'm not voting FOR .... I'm voting AGAINST," read another portion of Hale's message, which was shared by Lee, who in turn, added, "Courageous warrior sister, I stand beside you 100%. This is a fight for freedom. Vote for your life."

The text seen on the image tiles in Hale's tweet have been replicated in their entirety directly below. See the original tweets from the Halestorm singer and Lee further down the page.


I'm not voting for blue over red.

I'm not voting for MY team over YOUR team

This is not a Republican vs Democrat election. THIS is a GOOD VS EVIL election

I'm not voting FOR …. I'm voting AGAINST.

I'm voting against hatred.
I'm voting against name calling.
I'm voting against fear mongering.
I'm voting against racism.
I'm voting against inequality.
I'm voting against sexism.
I'm voting against injustice.
I'm voting against idiocracy.
I'm voting against dissonance.
I'm voting against childish leadership.

I cannot predict the future
I cannot change the past
But I know what we can change right Now

I'm voting against the evil happening NOW
I'm voting against another 4 years of THIS.

Now is not the time to make OUR decision over petty differences or one issue stances

Now is the time to abolish the wrong that we KNOW exists right NOW.

THEN we will take the next step toward healing and CHANGE.

Are you registered to vote?

Make sure that you are and then make sure at least three of your friends and family are as well.

NOW more than ever we must stand UNITED. All hands on deck! VOTE AGAINST!


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