With Marilyn Manson's 'Born Villain' set to drop on May 1 and its first single 'No Reflection' making waves, the superstar rocker has now revealed the album's cover artwork and track listing.

The disc is 13 songs strong, with Manson's Johnny Depp-assisted cover of 'You're So Vain' serving as a bonus track.

It doesn't feel like a coincidence that there the album is comprised of 13 songs, since it's a number often associated with ominous and nefarious things. The titles are vintage Manson, full of dark, aggressive and distorted biblical imagery and phrases that should effectively irritate the religious right.

The album cover is shaded in bluish tones, featuring Manson's distinctive profile, with prominent, blackened lips and one eye peeking out from under a curtain of hair. It's a bit mysterious and has us interested, as is usually the case with Marilyn Manson.

Manson will be embarking on a U.S. theater tour that kicks off April 27 in Providence, R.I. Check out the full list of dates here.

'Born Villain' Track Listing

1. 'Hey, Cruel World…'
2. 'No Reflection'
3. 'Pistol Whipped'
4. 'Overneath the Path of Misery'
5. 'Slo-Mo-Tion'
6. 'The Gardener'
7. 'The Flowers of Evil'
8. 'Children of Cain'
9. 'Disengaged'
10. 'Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms'
11. 'Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day'
12. 'Born Villain'
13. 'Breaking the Same Old Ground'

Bonus Track: 'You're So Vain'