Marilyn Manson has really been making his presence felt on the small screen lately, both on television and online. His latest TV appearance was on the HBO cult comedy 'Eastbound & Down,' where Manson played an inept waiter in orange short shorts.

Let's recap Marilyn Manson's recent on-screen endeavors. The 'Antichrist Superstar' huddled around a fire to tell scary stories to children for 'Funny or Die,' made 'Talking Dead' host Chris Hardwick incredibly uncomfortable in an entertaining yet awkward appearance on the 'Walking Dead' after-show and even landed a role in the ABC series 'Once Upon a Time.' Manson's voice will be the focal point of his 'Once Upon a Time' cameo, lending his pipes to the cornerstone character Shadow.

Manson's 'Eastbound & Down' walk-on was short but memorable, as the hardly recognizable rocker approaches Kenny Powers and April Buchanon during a major fight about their marriage. Manson offers to clean up the trash from the couple's table, but Danny McBride's character offers his wife to Manson's character instead, a proposition she didn't seem too fond of. Manson awkwardly shuffles off, but not before a few moments held for uncomfortable laughter.

Check out Marilyn Manson's cameo on 'Eastbound & Down' in the video above!

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