This is just not Marilyn Manson's week. The rocker's tour through Russia is not going as expected as one of his performances was just canceled due to a bomb threat and another show was just pulled due to a protest over his "sadomasochistic" stage show.

Manson was set to perform in Moscow Friday night (June 27) as part of Park Live Festival, but he revealed in a tweet that the show was canceled just as his band was about to take the stage due to a bomb threat. The rocker posted a photo taken outside of the concert venue of concertgoers milling around the streets while police vehicles arrived to investigate the validity of the threat. The photo can be seen below, along with a follow-up tweet from Manson:

As if that wasn't enough, Manson also just had another show pulled from his schedule as concert organizers in Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city, revealed that a protest has shut down their plans for a June 29 show.

Apparently the show was canceled due to fears that his performance would insult Orthodox believers and promote sadomasochism, according to a report from the AFP.

"Manson's live performances look like an amusement park with a sadomasochistic slant," said one of the protesters, Yury Zadoya. "Sadomasochism is a mental disorder. What does Novosibirsk need this show for?"

In a statement posted on Russia's social network VKontakte on Thursday afternoon, concert promoter Sibirskie Gastroli said, "Authorities of all levels have denied us permission to hold the concert on June 29. We've fought until the end but the situation has proved stronger than us, unfortunately."

Despite the setbacks, Manson will continue his touring through Europe. Dates can be found here.

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