Marilyn Manson saw an uptick in his career with 2012's 'Born Villain' and we're thrilled to report that 'The Pale Emperor' is a disc that will likely keep his resurgence going strong.

Manson is clicking on all cylinders with this one, leaning more on the darkly sinister side than his overly aggressive rockers. The disc kicks off with one of its standout tracks, as Manson hits his mark on 'Killing Strangers,' a song that starts with a sludgy beat that slinks along and builds in intensity. There's a vulnerability in Manson's voice as he belts, "We're killing strangers so we don't kill the ones we love."

Two tracks already familiar to Manson fans follow, as the current single 'Deep Six' weaves a dark guitar line and a driving beat around lyrics about being careful in love. Meanwhile, 'Third Day of a Seven Day Binge' is Manson's mid-tempo lament about a relationship turned sour, as he sings about choosing to play victim rather than to spend any more time with his significant other.

'The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles' is a standout cut on the disc, offering a little of that 'Personal Jesus' beat with a glammy chorus mixed in. You can almost envision Manson as the titular character of the song as he paints a picture with his demon-like whisper and hissing annunciation of some of the lyrics.

The latter portion of the disc also features some solid moments. 'Warship My Wreck' feels like a perfect soundtrack type song, as you can almost envision the setting with its haunting opening and continual build as the track proceeds. 'The Devil Beneath My Feet' has a killer bass line and begs the listener to clap and stomp along with its aggressive beat. And 'Cupid Carries a Gun' has already turned up as the theme to TV's 'Salem' with its darkly infectious beat. Finishing out 'The Pale Emperor' on a high note is Manson's ode to all things creepy inside "the house of death" on a track called 'Odds of Even.'

To say the least, Manson's 'The Pale Emperor' is a triumphant effort. It's a satisfying listening experience from top to bottom, giving you a true "album" experience rather than feeling like a collection of random songs. This disc will satisfy fans and leave them anxious about where he'll take his music next.

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