Could a long-awaited Sepultura reunion actually happen? It seems more likely than before now that estranged member Max Cavalera and classic guitarist Andreas Kisser have both expressed interest in doing so.

It's been nearly 30 years since the frontman departed the Brazilian metal legends in a contentious split. Neither side has appeared very willing to come to the table to discuss getting back together and putting the past behind them.

With Sepultura's farewell tour in motion, perhaps Cavalera and Kisser are looking at things with a new perspective.

What Max Cavalera Is Saying

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For years, Max Cavalera, who has been performing and re-recording early Sepultura material with his brother Iggor, had scoffed at the idea of returning to the group. His reasons for leaving were deeply personal and emotionally wounding and he's been incredibly prolific with a number of projects since leaving Sepultura in 1996.

Speaking with Rock Hard Greece earlier this month, Cavalera revealed that returning to the band he co-founded with his brother in 1984 is something he won't rule out entirely.

Both Cavalera and Kisser had made bitter comments in recent years, leaving fans to feel like the chances of a reunion were ice cold.

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When asked about if he will take part in Sepultura's farewell tour in any capacity, Cavalera told the Greek metal outlet, "I have not [been approached]. In fact, I think I saw one thing Andreas, of course said [in an interview], like, 'Why are we gonna ask them [Max and Iggor Cavalera to take part]? They're gonna spoil the party,' which is very typical [laughs] of Andreas to say that."

"I don't know," he candidly continues, assessing the chances of a reunion by adding, "I think I'm gonna let things happen the way they're gonna happen. I'm not gonna force anything, and if there comes a time where we feel that we should make a reunion — okay, fine, as long as we do it the right way. Just like with these re-recordings [of early Sepuluta albums that Igor and I are doing under the Cavalera name]. I think we made them the right way — honest, proper, from the heart."

The Soulfly frontman then adds that he's "not thinking" about a reunion and that he doesn't understand why Sepultura are choosing to end their career.

What Andreas Kisser Is Saying

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“I won’t deny that it would be great to have a very last show with their participation, but it has to be great," Kisser tells Metal Hammer in a new interview, which comes just a couple weeks removed from Cavalera's.

The veteran guitarist is straightforward about some of the terms, not looking to rehash any bad blood from decades long gone. "It has to have people who are there to celebrate and not trying to discuss who was right or wrong on decisions from the past. In the end, we are celebrating now as the Sepultura of today. If they want to be a part of it, it would be amazing.”

Sepultura + Soulfly on Tour

The North American leg of Sepultura's farewell tour begins on Sept. 17. Obituary, Agnostic Front and Claustrofobic will all provide support.

Soulfly, meanwhile, will embark on a headlining North American tour from Oct. 19 to Nov. 9 with special guests Eyehategod, Mutilation Barbecue and Skin Flint.

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